20 outubro 2007


No dia 06 de Dezembro, o Braga vai jogar neste inferno grego para a Taça Uefa. Os adeptos do Aris de Salónica não brincam em serviço.

"Hello from Thessaloniki, Greece!

I am an ARIS fan and I am very happy my team will play against yours in the UEFA Cup. First of all, you should know that Braga is quite known in Greece, you are among the top 4-5 most famous teams of Portugal! We also used to have a player named Braga in the past!

Let me say some things about my team. ARIS is among the most famous clubs of Greece, with 3 championships and 1 cup. We are mostly known for our numerous fans who support the team always and everywhere! The atmosphere in our stadium "Kleanthis Vikelidis" is going to be very difficult for you, as 20.000 and more ARIS fans will be standing over your players' head, with constant voice and other incredible shows!" in superbraga.com

Também no Arsenal de Braga

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