07 março 2008


Evenfall - Tristania
Call thy name at nightfall
Reach out for thee life's rose
Cast thy veils at sunset
Trespass the waning in my halls
Prosperous beauty
Embraced by eden's heart
Call thy name out tearful
Reveal to me thy deepest loss


Cast... make haste my savage wall
For an end
Thy savage... bleak night
In life thy tears grow scarlet

For thee my beloved
We shall freeze
There for this life with thee I bequeath
Like a promise bevaild by the sea
I still love in decidety(?)

Come desired nightfall
Enchant my grievous loss
Life bewailed at sunset
Trespass the shadows in my heart
Arise before me
Bequeath thy grievous loss
Dark at heart I mourn thee
Replace the vigour she once lost

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