26 dezembro 2007

"Absolutely Fabio"

Peço desculpa pelo anglicismo do post mas é engraçado. Os Ingleses vivem mesmo na esperança!

"Italy has fabulously enriched our national culture: Roman roads, central heating, the Renaissance, Lavazza coffee... The list is endless. But we have another reason for embracing the import of Fabio Capello as England's football manager. We are copying Italy's revolving-door approach to leadership. Since 1945 our national coach has been replaced 13 times, catching up with Italy's score of 15. Meanwhile, Italy has changed Prime Minister 37 times, against Britain's 12. But Italy has won two World Cups - one per 7.5 managers and 18.5 PMs. Using a complex politico-football algorithm, we can calculate that, if the British government collapses five times and Capello is not sacked, England are a shoo-in to win the 2018 World Cup. We live in hope."
in BBC Five Live

2 comentários:

Pedro Almeida disse...

Sinceramente. Pergunto. O que é isto? Este povo é doente e chauvinista.

koolricky disse...

Ó pedro, nem sequer quando eles gozam com eles próprios lhes dás uma folga? ;o)

Moscoso, olé!